Placement Rate Methodology

The Placement Rate Methodology is based on graduates from the graduation cohort who are eligible for placement.

A student may count as placed if they are employed in a field for which their training prepared them prior to November 30, 2017. Students may be excluded from the calculation if they fall into one of the categories listed. 

In 2017, the school excluded the following number of students* based on each of the following categories:


Please note that being unlicensed is not a valid exclusion/exemption for employment. 

*If fewer than ten students were excluded for any one category, the disclosure will only include the total of all excluded students if that total is at least ten. If the calculation excluded fewer than a total of ten students, the institution will state that it excluded students of the basis of each condition, and note that the number of total exclusions were fewer than 10 and therefore cannot be disclosed.